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High-volume routes demand high-value returns. The First Class and Business Class sections of the 747-8 enable airlines to offer passengers the most private and premium accommodations in the sky A Boeing 747-8 szélestörzsű, nagy hatótávolságú, négyhajtóműves utasszállító repülőgép, a Boeing 747-es gépcsalád legújabb típusa, amelyet az amerikai Boeing cég gyárt. Hivatalos bejelentésére 2005. november 14-én került sor. A 747-8 a sikeres 747-400 továbbfejlesztetése, meghosszabbított repülőgéptörzzsel, újratervezett szárnyprofillal, és további. 747-8 Intercontinental o 747-8I: versión para pasajeros. Diseño. El 747-8 es una evolución del Boeing 747-400 que saca partido de las mejoras tecnológicas y aerodinámicas disponibles en la actualidad. Las dos variantes del 747-8 tienen un fuselaje 5,6 metros más largo que el 747-400, midiendo 76,3 metros en total

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Boeing 747-8. Seat maps Boeing B747-8. Sample illustration B747-8i (8 First/ 80 Business / 32 Premium Economy / 244 Economy) Main deck. Upper deck. Seat maps of the Boeing B747-8 to download. PDF download seat map B747-8i main deck and upper deck (8F / 80C / 32E / 244M) PDF download seat map B747-8i main deck and upper deck (8F / 92C / 32E. Boeing 747-8i Thе 747-8 іѕ thе longest volume-production, fixed-wing commercial aircraft іn thе world. Onlу thе single flying Antonov An-225 Mriya, originally built tο piggy-back thе USSR's Buran Space Shuttle аnd now carrying outsize freight loads throughout thе world, іѕ longer

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I (1:200) FotóGaléria. A modell a Boeing Company és a Lufthansa által is jóváhagyott termék. A kereskedelmi forgalmazású verzió behelyezhető futóművekkel is rendelkezik. A modell összeállításához a szárny, a vízszintes-, és a függőleges vezérsík törzsbe való illesztésén kívül semmi egyebet. Lufthansa Fleet Boeing 747-8I Details and Pictures. On current fleet, Lufthansa operated 19 wide-body aircraft Boeing 747-8I. This 747-800 is the newest aircraft type in the long-haul fleet for Lufthansa. Lufthansa is the launch airline for the 747-800 which is 5.6 meters longer than its predecessor. Boarding: 0:14 Seat/Cabin Features: 1:15 Taxi/Take-Off: 2:43 After Take Off-Footage: 3:25 Lunch: 3:52 After Lunch Footage: 4:14 Lavatory: 4:42 IFE: 5:35 Snac.. Nach Boeing-Angaben hat die 747-8I trotz der größeren Rumpfstreckung von 5,6 m und dem damit einhergehenden höheren Gewicht mit 14.815 km fast die gleiche Reichweite wie ursprünglich, mit der kleineren Rumpfstreckung, geplant. Das liegt laut Hersteller daran, dass die überarbeiteten Tragflächen sich als effizienter erwiesen als. Le Boeing 747-8 est un avion de ligne à réaction gros-porteur développé par Boeing Commercial Airplanes.Officiellement annoncé en 2005, le 747-8 est la quatrième génération de versions du Boeing 747, avec un fuselage allongé, une voilure redessinée et des performances supérieures à celles du 747-400.Le 747-8 est la plus grande version du 747, le plus grand avion commercial.

Air China is the only Chinese carrier to fly the 747-8I. Photo: Boeing. Onboard an Air China 747-8I, passengers can find a four-class experience. On the upper deck, there are 30 business class seats in a 2-2 configuration. Another 12 of these can be found in the nose of the aircraft on the main deck From Presidents Roosevelt to Trump, Boeing airplanes have transported U.S. presidents around the world. The U.S. Air Force announced that it will continue the Boeing tradition with the 747-8, which will replace the two 747-200s that serve as the presidential Air Force One fleet.. When the 747-8 takes flight as the next Air Force One, Boeing airplanes will mark more than half a century of.

The Boeing 747-8i is the largest aircraft designed by Cabinet Alberto Pinto, stretching over 250 feet from nose to tail with two levels and passenger capacity for over 400 in airline configuratio 슬라이딩 도어와 한층 높아진 파티션. 미늘창(Louver)으로 된 슬라이딩 도어를 적용하여 안에서는 밖을 볼 수 있지만 밖에서는 내부가 보이지 않도록 하였으며 좌석을 감싸고 있는 파티션의 높이를 24cm를 높여 (전체 높이 139cm) 궁극에 가까운 프라이버시를 완성합니다 The Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental and Boeing 747-8 Freighter are the next progressions of the iconic Boeing 747 which has been Queen of the Skies now for nearly 40 years. With all-new technology which has been gained from the development of the Boeing 777 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the 747 8 is presented in direct competition to the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo, as it has been dubbed Boeing: Typ pasażerski: Załoga 2 Historia Data oblotu 8 lutego 2010 (747-8F) 20 marca 2011 (747-8I) Lata produkcji od 2010 Egzemplarze 125 (stan na 28 lutego 2017) Dane techniczne Napęd General Electric GEnx-2B67 Ciąg: 296 kN Wymiary Rozpiętość 68,5 m Średnica wirnika 2,67 m Długość 76,3 m Szerokość kadłuba 6,1 m Wysokość 19,4 m.

The most spacious, private and comfortable first class seat on Korean Air featuring Kosmo Suite 2.0 with privacy door and individual closet for both jackets and carry-on items. There are only 6 first class seats on 747-8i that makes it really intimate and quiet but not ideal for flights with a company こちらで、世界でもルフトハンザでしか体験できない最新鋭ジャンボ機のすべてをご覧ください Is there anything more romantic than a flight on a Boeing 747?! Well, I recently flew FIRST CLASS with Lufthansa on one of Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8's (D-ABYH..

BOEING 747-8. Description. The Boeing 747-8 is a widebody commercial airliner developed as a 'stretch' of the Boeing 747-400. It has a lengthened fuselage and redesigned wings and is the largest version of the 747. It is available in both passenger (747-8I) and freighter (747-8F) variants. The B748 is member of the B747 family of aircraft. The Boeing 747-8 is the latest and final version of the Boeing 747. Photo: Kiefer via Flickr According to Flight Global, Boeing is producing 747-8 and -8fs at a rate of six per year.At this rate, the current backlog of outstanding Boeing 747 orders will be complete by 2022

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  1. Boeing 747-8 é uma aeronave widebody quadrimotor desenvolvida pela Boeing.Anunciado oficialmente em 2005, o 747-8 é a terceira geração de Boeing 747, com fuselagem alongada, asas redesenhadas e melhor eficiência.O 747-8 é a maior versão do Boeing 747, maior avião comercial construído nos Estados Unidos, e o avião comercial mais longo do mundo, juntamente com o Airbus A340-600
  2. ant position, Boeing has developed a freight variant of the 747-8, dubbed 747-8 Freighter or 747-8F
  3. Fuel Fix for Boeing 747-8i; Fuel Fix for Boeing 747-8i. Endorsements. 7. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 2,781. Version. V2.0. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 02 September 2020 3:44AM. Original upload 24 August 2020 10:17AM. Created by Vaporized_Butter . Uploaded by SnakierDrip6. Virus scan. Safe to use . Tags for.
  4. Wing Flex Fix for Boeing 747-8i; Wing Flex Fix for Boeing 747-8i. Endorsements. 7. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 5,763. Version. 1.0.0. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 24 August 2020 10:26AM. Original upload 24 August 2020 10:26AM. Created by Vaporized_Butter . Uploaded by SnakierDrip6. Virus scan. Safe to use.

Meanwhile, the 747-8I passenger version was basically killed by the 777-9X, in much the same way that Airbus's A380 was gravely damaged by the A350-1000, he said. Nope, they can't 'wing. 3D model of Boeing 747-8I available for Download in FBX, OBJ, 3DS, C4D and other file formats for 23 software. Model is ready for render

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De Boeing 747 is ingehaald door snellere, kleinere en zuinigere vliegtuigen. Het iconische toestel zal zijn laatste dagen slijten als vrachtvliegtuig A Boeing 747-8I 5,6 méterrel hosszabb elődjénél, a Boeing 747-400-asnál, de még az eddig leghosszabbnak számító utasszállító repülőgép az Airbus A340-600-as változatának törzshosszát is meghaladja, mintegy 1 méterrel. A Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I 386 utas szállítására lesz alkalmas, ez akár 56 üléssel nagyobb kapacitást. The Boeing 747 8, which comes in a passenger version, the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental (8i) and freight version the Boeing 747-8 Freighter (8f), is assembled in Boeings' own factory at Paine Field, Everett north of Seattle in Washington State.. The Boeing building is said to be the largest building by volume in the world, little wonder when you consider the size of the aircraft that are. Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Specs, Interior, Seats, Engines, and Price - Since its historic debut at the Paris Air Show in 1969, the Boeing company has introduced a number of variations on the 747 family, including the 747-100, 747-200 and 747-300. The most common variation for international travelers today is version 747-400

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Blog posts that mention the Boeing 747-8 VIP: 10 of The Most Expensive Private Jets in the World; 11 of The Biggest Private Jets in the World; You may also view the full line up of aircraft models from The Boeing Company or compare this aircraft with other Private Jet Charter airplanes,. Completion outfitted by AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland Contact: Mohamad Badran, Sales Executive Tel: +41 58 310 32 58 mohamad.badran@amacaerospace.co Inspection Status: Check Check Life Last Actioned Next Due 6 MO CHECK 6 Months 03 Jun 2020 02 Dec 2020 1 YR CHECK 1. BOEING (1) Show All. Model. 727's (3) 727-100 (1) 727-200 ADVANCED (1) 727-200 SUPER27 (1) 737's (12) 737-200 ADVANCED (1) 737-200 EXECUTIVE (1) 737-300 (2) 737-300F (1) 737-400 (3) 737-400F (2) 737-500 (2) 747's (5) 747-400 (2) 747-8 (1) 747-8I (1) 747-SP (1) Show All. Year. Total Time. Region. State. Country. Serial/Series # Search.

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  1. Hello today i recreated a 747-8i Sky Interior! Mod - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/boeing-747-8i Install included in .ra
  2. Auf meiner Reise nach Washington, hatte ich das Glück mit der neuen Boeing 747-8i - dem neusten Jumbo aus dem Hause Boeing - zu fliegen. Auch wenn ich natürlich lieber mit dem Airbus A380 geflogen wäre, so war ich doch gespannt - gerade auch nachdem wir Anfang des Jahres mit den wirklich alten und schlecht ausgestatteten Boeing 747-400 an die Westküste der USA geflogen waren
  3. The 747-8i will be the last 747 line as Boeing will be ending production by 2023. The manufacturer confirmed the end of the road for the jet and has reportedly placed the last parts order for its.
  4. Boeing 747-400F Boeing 747-8I Boeing 747-8F Technische Daten. Kenngröße: Boeing 747-100: Boeing 747-400: Boeing 747 - 8I: Höhe 19,3 m 19,41 m 19,35 m Länge 70, 6 m 70,6 m 76,25 m Spannweite 59,6 m 64,4 m 68,45 m Sitzplätze 366.
  5. Boeing 747-8XX Mega Package Volume 7 Here is the Boeing 747 in all its forms divided into 8 great packages extremely detailed. This volume contains 23 repaints of high quality divided according to their model.Included with real and custom sounds for each type of engine
  6. g next genaration Air Force One. It will replace the Boeing VC-25A currently in survice. I made this mod accurate as possible but there are maybe some small mistakes because there was very little infomation about this plane.

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The 747-8 is a development of the 747-400.The main changes are new wings with increased wing span, new engines, a longer fuselage and new avionics. The General Electric GEnx series is the single available engine option for the 747-8. The passengers variant is designated 747-8i international Airbus A340-600 versus Boeing 747-8I; 75.30 m: 247 ft: length: 76.25 m: 250 ft 2 in: 63.45 m: 208 ft 2 in: wingspan: 68.45 m: 224 ft 7 in: 439.40 m 2: 4,730 ft 2.

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Hello! Today i remaked SkylineGTRFreak's Boeing 747-8i for Replace install. Install included in .rar file Thank you so much for download! Credits to : SkylineGTRFreak for Boeing 747-8i and Iosif Stalin for screenshots and idea Updatelog : 1.0 [Planning] - fix flaps bug and handling 0.5 - Releas Boeing 747-8i KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (2016) vector: Boeing 747SP: 2106 x 2996: Boeing 747SP: 535 x 183: Boeing 747SP: 1213 x 2093: Boeing 747SP: 698 x 455: Boeing 747SP: 1023 x 387: Boeing 747SR: 750 x 370: Boeing 747X: 696 x 513: Boeing 747X Stretch: 702 x 470: Boeing 747sp: vector: Boeing 747sp: 2000 x 1580: Boeing 757: 984 x 757: Boeing. Answer 1 of 8: Have a seat booked in row 16 - economy. I cannot find a current seat map that shows that row. I even called Lufthansa and she could not tell me if it was a bulkhead. Seems they have made some configuration changes since seat guru posted the map for.. Seeing a 747-8I in the air is like watching Cinderella, while watching the A380 is like watching her ugly stepsister. In fact, if you thought the 787 Dreamliner was the latest airliner from Boeing.

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Boeing 747-8I Generic Type. Boeing 747-8 Basic Type. Boeing 747-8 Manufacturer. Boeing MSN. 60409 Line No. 1537 Reg. HL7642 Location. Seoul - Incheon International Country. South Korea Date Photographed. September 13, 2019. The prototype 747-8I, N6067E, took to the skies on March 20, 2011. Its career post flight-testing has not been with Boeing and instead it was sold to the Kuwait Air Force, no doubt outfitted luxuriously. It joined its new customer on March 11, 2012 over two months before Lufthansa's first aircraft entered service For the 50th Anniversary of the Boeing 747, SSG is proud to announce the release of its long awaited follow-on to the SSG 747-8 Series. New version 2.2 with tons of updates This is no mere update, in many ways it is a whole new aircraft, starting with the base model in Plane Maker working up to the 3D external model, 3D cockpit and systems.

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Joe Sutter - Father of the Boeing 747, lsf Doric Aviation . LX-VCM . Boeing 747-8R7F. 28 Sep 2015 . Active . City of Redange-sur-Attert, Cutaway cs. LX-VCN . Boeing 747-8R7F. 29 Sep 2016 . Active . N5016R. Boeing розглядав можливість запровадження місткіших версій 747 ще у 1990-х та у 2000-х роках. Моделі 747-500X та -600X, запропоновані у 1996 на авіашоу в Фарнборо, могли б подовжити крила 747-го та успадкувати крило від 777, однак така.

The Boeing 747. Iconic, beautiful, revolutionary. The 747-8 is the latest and most likely final revision of the Jumbo Jet. This is my 3D printable rendition. 60 Versions, 8 months of on and off work, and many many hours of my inner perfectionist forcing me to rework every little detail. The fully assembled model is nearly 556mm (X) 622mm (Y) 150mm (Z), making this a 1:137 scale model. UPDATE. Flights on Boeing 747-8I : Photos, ratings, and reviews. Manufacturer Boeing. Model 747-8I

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  1. On one of my recent trips, I had the pleasure of flying on-board the Boeing 747-8i - the latest jumbo jet generation! Just before the flight from Buenos Aires's Ministro Pistarini International Airport (better known as Ezeiza International EZE/SAEZ) to Frankfurt on the longest flight in the Lufthansa network, I was able to snap a few images of the cockpit and cabin
  2. Air China is the only Chinese carrier to fly the 747-8I. Photo: Boeing. Onboard an Air China 747-8I, passengers can find a three-class experience. On the upper deck, there are 30 business class seats in a 2-2 configuration. Another 12 of these can be found in the nose of the aircraft on the main deck
  3. The Boeing 747-8 private jet is the longest and second-largest airliner ever built. Powered by a team of four General Electric GEnx engines, the plane can fly 8,000 nautical miles nonstop. This personalized Boeing 747-8 was completed by Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Washington

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  1. After the Boeing 747-100 here is the new and modern version of the legendary jumbo jet. Now you can bring the 747 to the current decade and fly it over the skies of San Andreas. This mod brings some changes (apart from the obvious different look) over the -100 version. You can open a door on the top floor and also operate the thrust reversers
  2. ボーイング747-8 B747-8I 用途 : 旅客機 分類 : ワイドボディ 製造者 : ボーイング 運用者 : インターコンチネンタル (旅客機) 大韓航空 中国国際航空 ルフトハンザドイツ航空 USAF PAR Program ( 英語版 ) など フレイター (貨物機) コリアンエアカーゴ 日本貨物航空 キャセイパシフィック航空.
  3. Tons of awesome Boeing 747 wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Boeing 747 wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background image
  4. support for the SSG 747-
  5. Boeing 747-8i 'D-ABYA' joined the fleet in May 2012 and is nicknamed Brandenburg. It is Lufthansa's 1st 747-8i. Lufthansa's D-ABYC was the second 747-8i delivered to the airline. Lufthansa's 3rd 747-8i, D-ABYD, as she departs Frankfurt
  6. A short video about the new B747-8i and its Cockpit. Video captured with Snagit from Boeing Livestream

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In a typical three-class layout, Boeing says that 48 business class seats can be accommodated on the 747-8I's upper deck, compared with 40 on the -400. Adding to the ambience is a revised. The Boeing 747-100 was the largest jet airliner the world had ever seen. The success story of the Boeing 747 aircraft family started in the mid-60s, when Boeing developed a wide-body jet as an answer to the growing aviation needs The Boeing 747-8 is a wide-body jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.Officially announced in 2005, the 747-8 is the fourth-generation Boeing 747 version, with lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings and improved efficiency. The 747-8 is the largest 747 version, the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States, and the longest passenger aircraft in the world Detailed seat map Lufthansa Boeing B747-8 364pax. Find the best airplanes seats, information on legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment using our detailed online seating charts

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Grupo Aeroméxico anunció la adquisición de 10 aviones Boeing 747-8i más 15 a opción de compra, lo que convierte a la aerolínea en ser la primera mexicana en operar el avión coloquialmente conocido como jumbo. Hasta el momento ni el fabricante estadounidense, ni Aeroméxico han revelado el valor de la acción. El primer avión será [ SSG's Boeing 747-8i version 2 is currently available for $65.00 USD from the X-Plane.org Store. A discount of $25 USD (retailing at $40) can be had for previous owners of the plane. For further previews of the 747-8i v2, check out our article from yesterday detailing the developer's final images pre-release

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hi , can anyone please provide Boeing SSG 747-8 v1.8 please for x plane 11 thank yo This is a stunning Boeing 747-8i for X-Plane 10 by 'stekeller'. Boeing announced a new 747 variant, the 747-8, on November 14, 2005. Referred to as the 747 Advanced prior to its launch, the 747-8 uses the same engine and cockpit technology as the 787, hence the use of the 8 Boeing 747-8i là mẫu mới nhất của dòng máy bay Boeing 747, được công bố vào ngày 14 tháng 11 năm 2005, nhằm cạnh tranh với mẫu Airbus A380.Chính thức được công bố vào năm 2005, 747-8 là phiên bản Boeing 747 thế hệ thứ năm, với thân máy bay kéo dài, đôi cánh được thiết kế lại và cải thiện hiệu quả

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